How Often Should You Wash Your Dog


How Often Should You Wash Your Dog
Living with dogs may give you the same experience as living with kids. Just like any other living being, a dog requires food, shelter, and care, and just like kids, dogs also need one regular thing, and that is taking baths. There may be times when your dog will have an unpleasant smell or accumulate dirt and grime on their coat and skin.


With that said, have you ever asked yourself, “How often should I wash my dog?” This question has been asked frequently by people worldwide. The answer is, it depends on a lot of factors. To find out more, here’s our short guide on how often you should wash your dog.



How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

For new dog owners, there may be confusion about how often you should bathe your dog. It can be challenging to assess the frequency of cleaning your dog. Here are some factors that you should consider before deciding on the frequency that you will bathe your dog.


Type Of Coat And Breed

A dog’s coat type is one of the significant factors to consider when deciding the frequency of bathing. Generally speaking, dogs can take a bath once a month or as frequently as every other week. You may want to give more care for the skin health of a short-haired and hairless breed of dog.


Since their skin is more exposed to the environment, they are more prone to infection. It would be best to bathe these dogs every week. Examples of short-haired dog breeds include Dachshunds and Pitbulls, while hairless breeds include the Peruvian Hairless Dog and Xoloitzcuintli. Medium to long-coated dogs has a “waterproof” layer of fur, which frequently helps in repelling unwanted dirt and water.


You can give a bath to these dogs with proper fur management once every week or every four to six weeks. Overbathing these dogs can lead to removing the natural oils needed for their skin to be healthy. That’s why it’s a good idea to reduce the number of times they bathe per week.


Skin Health

If your pet is suffering from skin conditions such as wounds, mange, or pruritis, it would be best to consult your veterinarian first on the frequency of baths required by your dog. It may be necessary to use medicated shampoos to treat their skin conditions, and these may require proper timing depending on your veterinarian’s prescription.


Some instances may require a bath every three days, while some would require weekly baths. CBD shampoo is a great option for dogs with certain skin conditions as it can soothe itchiness, relieve discomfort, and nourish and improve the skin.


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Last but not least, consider your dog’s lifestyle when deciding how often you should bathe your dog. Outdoor dogs require more baths compared to indoor dogs since they are more exposed to dirt and microbes. Indoor dogs are less prone to be dirty, while outdoor dogs are more prone to skin diseases.



Why you should wash your dog

The first question that you should ask is why do we need to bathe our dogs? Each dog is unique because they may have different activity levels, lifestyles, temperaments, etc. Each of these factors contributes to the amount of dirt that may accumulate. Dogs are creatures that are deeply attached to the environment.


Dogs love to roll around in grass or dirt. Some even love swimming in lakes or going to the beach. The more these dogs become exposed to the environment, the more they become dirty and stinky, leading to skin diseases. The risk of contracting parasites such as ticks, mites, lice, and fleas is also increased.


Aside from sucking up blood and nutrients from your dog, these parasites carry numerous diseases such as tapeworms, blood parasites, etc. These often lead to your dog getting sick or, worse, dying. You should bathe your dog because its body temperature may get high, especially during the summer season. During this time, the incidence of heatstroke is high among pets.


To prevent this from happening, you may bathe your dogs to reduce their body temperature and keep them cool and fresh.



How To Wash a Dog

As a bonus, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to bathe your dog:


  • Remove the excess hair by brushing thoroughly.
  • Dampen the coat and skin using warm water.
  • Use the appropriate shampoo 
  • Rinse your dog thoroughly.
  • Towel dry your dog to prevent the growth of fungi. You can also use a hair blower to help dry your dog.
  • Give your dog some healthy treats for being good.



When To Wash a Dog

Generally, you can wash your dog when they get dirty. If your dog has a medical condition, it may be wise to follow your vet’s advice on when you should wash them.



Choosing the Best Shampoo for Your Dog

In choosing the best shampoo for your dog, it’s always ideal to select a shampoo that’s gentle on your dog’s skin. CBD shampoo is a great option that is gentle and beneficial for a dog's skin and coat. These shampoos are available online and at pet shops. A good shampoo should be mild for your dog’s skin and gentle on the eyes to prevent irritation.


Baby shampoo works well with dogs as well, especially if there are no pet shops or clinics nearby. Some dogs would require a specialized shampoo, especially if they have an ongoing medical condition. Medicated shampoo may be best to treat their skin conditions. Some of the offending agents that can cause skin diseases include bacteria, fungi, and mites.


You may want to consult your veterinarian before using a specific shampoo on your dog. Using improper products on your dog may lead to more harm than good.



How Often Should You Groom Your Dog

Trimming their coat or sending your dog to the groomer is a good idea. Often, groomed dogs have healthier skin and fur compared to non-groomed dogs. Groomed dogs also have more manageable hair. You can send your dog to the groomer at most once a month.



How Often To Trim Your Dog’s Nails

It is recommended to bring your dog to the groomer to get their nails and ears cleaned. Always remember that proper hygiene works best not only for us but also for our furbabies. You can trim your dog’s nails when you feel that they are long enough.



General Dog Bathing Guidelines

Always make sure that you and your dogs are comfortable before giving a bath. Make sure that they are properly rinsed and dried after shampooing them. Follow your vet’s instructions if ever your dog has skin medications.




Final Thoughts

Washing your dog is necessary for good health. You may want to consult your veterinarian if you are unsure of what you should do for your pets. A vet always knows what’s best for your dog. When introducing your dog to bath time be sure to make it a positive experience so that they will learn to enjoy it.


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