Our Origin Story

Starting Pet Hemp Company was inspired by our family dog, Woody, a grey-haired labradoodle who graced our lives for over 13 years. We often referred to him as the “mayor” because he was so friendly with other animals. Woody’s best friend in the world was our cat Frankie. Every evening we would find the two of them playing together even though Woody was 90 pounds and Frankie was 12 pounds.

This past summer Woody’s age began to catch up with him. He started having trouble walking because of a large benign tumor in his hips. He also began to suffer from liver dysfunction and his appetite began to diminish. The doctors prescribed medication, but Woody lost his appetite, his energy was depleted, and he struggled to get to his feet due to the pain. Frankie wanted to play with his best friend, but Woody could not be bothered. We looked for alternatives to the medication and tried CBD. Amazingly, CBD helped Woody regain his appetite and eased his pain significantly. This allowed him to sleep comfortably each night and get to his feet during the day. It was such a joy to see Frankie and Woody playing together again.

Sadly, Woody passed away in August 2019, which has been a profound loss to all of us. But Woody’s experience inspired us to help pet owners know, understand and get access to the highest quality CBD for their pet family members. We can’t imagine Woody’s quality of life if we had not found CBD to help ease his pain and make his transition a peaceful one, knowing how much he was loved.

So, in memory of Woody, our family decided to launch Pet Hemp Company and you can see we incorporated Woody and Frankie into our packing design. It brings us great joy to offer families and pets the same high quality CBD that improved Woody’s life so dramatically. We know that Woody would be grateful to know his legacy lives on with each family that our products help.

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