Hemp Oil for Dogs

Hemp Oil for Dogs


For humans, there are many benefits of hemp oil. It is known to reduce nervousness, relieve discomfort, and give. But veterinarians and pet parents are now recognizing these benefits to dogs and other pets. Studies even continue to emerge that prove how hemp oil can also be effective for dogs.


Various ailments can affect senior dogs and those with existing health conditions. More people are choosing natural routes to help their pets live longer. Hemp oil is one such natural option that can assist nervousness in dogs while improving their overall wellness.


What Is Hemp Oil for Dogs?

Hemp is a cannabis plant that contains high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). The liquid that is extracted from the plant through CO2 extraction or other extracting methods is called hemp oil. Some parts of the plant, such as the flower, have glands called trichomes that contain essential oils. To formulate the oil, CBD ratios are determined by separating the glands from the hemp.


There are 80 cannabinoids in a hemp plant including tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the hallucinogenic component of the plant while CBD is the beneficial ingredient. Using cannabinoids together makes it more effective in aiding conditions than using them separately.


Typically, hemp products only contain 0.3% THC. CBD is an essential component used to help many issues for dogs. Before you decide to administer hemp oil to your pet, make sure to consult your veterinarian to get the exact dosage and avoid the side effects.


Different Types of Hemp Oil

With the growing popularity of the hemp plant, it’s important to understand its uses and types in order to get the most out of it. Each type of hemp oil has specific benefits according to its properties. Below are the three main types of hemp oil that you can administer to your dog for medical purposes:


1. Hempseed oil. This can be refined or unrefined depending on the brand you are buying. As the name implies, this type of oil is extracted from hemp seeds and is processed differently. The unrefined hemp seed oil has a distinct nutty flavor and green color. It is formulated with nutritious content just like other unrefined oils that are labeled raw, virgin, or pure.
On the other hand, the refined hemp seed oil doesn’t contain much flavor and is colorless. It lacks in antioxidants and natural vitamins that the unrefined oil contains. This is more commonly used in manufacturing products like lubricants, plastics, fuel, and body care.


2. CBD hemp oil. The CBD extract is mixed with a carrier oil to create the CBD hemp oil that we sell! CBD is the main active ingredient that has plenty of relaxing and soothing effects. We use an unrefined hempseed oil, which contains many great nutrients that benefit your pet greatly.


3. Hemp essential oil. This oil is extracted from the flowers and upper leaves of the plant. They are steam distilled in order to get the pure aroma and flavor of the plant. It’s light green or pale yellow in color and has distinct therapeutic scent.


What Is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Full spectrum hemp oil is the pure hemp extract containing terpenes, flavonoids, CBC, CBN, CBG, CBD, and THC. It comes in many forms such as salves, tinctures, balms, tablets, and capsules. This hemp product has been helpful in managing symptoms of many issues for humans as well as dogs.


Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dogs

If your dog is suffering from nervousness, digestive issues, back discomfort, or joint problems, hemp oil is a good alternative. The cannabinoids provide relief by interacting with the endocannabinoid system wherein the receptors run through the body. As a result, digestive discomfort, anxiousness, and tension are reduced.


Hemp oil also balances the immune system of dogs while improving their bodily responses. It helps regulate homeostasis and keeps the nervous system in good condition. For dogs with fear or nervousness, this oil promotes emotional balance and relaxes the muscles especially when traveling.


Side Effects of Hemp Oil for Dogs

Hemp oil for dogs doesn’t have any serious side effects given the proper dosage. It’s good for the liver, GI tract, and even kidney. More importantly, it doesn’t make your dog high because hemp oil doesn’t contain THC.


To make sure your dog doesn’t suffer from side effects, visit your veterinarian before giving any to your dog. Although rare, some of the side effects your dog may experience some side effects including drowsiness, diarrhea, and dry mouth. However, there's nothing to worry about because hemp oil is non-toxic and the side effects shouldn't last long!


How Long Does Hemp Oil for Dogs Last?

The effects of CBD hemp oil usually last between 4-8 hours for dogs. However, this period can vary based on your dog's size, activity level, tolerance, age, and ailment.


Proper dosing also has an impact on how long the effects will last for your dog. If your dog has consumed CBD many times before, a stronger dose may help them feel the effects for longer than a regular dose, whereas a dog who's never consumed CBD before might feel the effects of a regular dose for a full 8 hours.


If your dog is suffering from a more serious ailment or illness, effects may also not appear to last as long. It's important to remember that you should never give your dog more than one recommended dose within one day, even if this is the case. Talk to your vet for professional medical advice or care if you feel they need more than CBD to ease their aches.


Is CBD Hemp Oil Safe for Dogs?

Hemp oil is safe for dogs. The question is, do you know how to administer this to your pet? Giving your dog the wrong dosage can lead to serious problems and risks. Therefore, knowing the proper dosage can prevent THC or CBD toxicity.


Your veterinarian is the only one who can determine the exact dosage your dog needs help with an ailment. Proper dosing provides positive effects as well as long-term benefits. Another factor to consider when using hemp oil for dogs is the marijuana laws in your state to make sure it’s legal and applicable.


What to Look for in a Brand

If you’re looking for the best hemp oil brand in the market, it’s good to check the label especially the ingredients and sources. Choose hemp products from certified growers in the country to get quality, GMO-free hemp oil. Also, reputable sellers undergo third party testing to guarantee that their hemp doesn’t contain too much THC.


Most importantly, you need to find an organic product that is 100% pure and raw in order to get the most benefits for your beloved pet. If you haven’t tried hemp oil yet, you can do some research to understand how it works for dogs. The best thing to do is contact your local veterinarian and discuss this option so that you can determine if it’s what your pet needs.


Why Choose Pet Hemp Company for CBD Products?

At Pet Hemp Company, we're pet parents just like you. We only want to give the best to our furry companions — because they're more than adopted friends, they're family — and we want to help you give the best to yours too. That's why we only use the highest quality ingredients to create the best CBD oil and CBD oil products!


Our CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats is completely pet-friendly. It's broad spectrum and contains all of the beneficial compounds from hemp without containing any THC. Instead, it contains CBD along with all the other beneficial compounds and terpenes that grow naturally in hemp, so your dog can experience the entourage effect (this is when several compounds work together to create greater effects than they would on their own).


Our tincture is also made with organic hemp oil and contains 100% all-natural ingredients. It's non-GMO, has no gluten or dairy, and has no additives or preservatives because we know you already worry enough about your pet's health.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Choose CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs Over THC Oil?

You should always choose CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs over THC oil because it contains a lot less THC and can be very beneficial for your dog's overall wellness. Even though hemp and marijuana are both a part of the cannabis family, they're very different plants. While hemp is high in CBD and low in THC, marijuana is high in THC and can be toxic for dogs in larger quantities.


At Pet Hemp Company, we only make our products using hemp-derived CBD (as per the 2018 Farm Bill), so you don't have to worry about your dog feeling any worrisome after-effects. Instead, our broad spectrum hemp oil will help him feel a calming wave of relief, so you can get back to having the best day ever!


How Do You Dose CBD Hemp Oil For Dogs? 

Each dose of CBD hemp oil that you give to your dog will depend on its size. While there are no official guidelines for how much hemp oil you should give to your dog, we recommend that you give your dog 0.25 mg per lb (for a regular dose) or 0.5 mg per lbs (for a stronger dose).


That means that if your dog weighs 40lbs, their recommended regular daily dose would be 10mg. Though if your dog has never consumed CBD before, it may even be good to give them half of a regular dose to start. CBD is well-tolerated by most pets, but every pet is different, and you should learn how much your pup can tolerate before giving them a regular or strong dose.


Also, remember to never give your dog more than a single dose within 24 hours. Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains than humans do, so the effects of cannabis products feel stronger for them than they do for us.


Does CBD Hemp Oil Expire? 

Yes, CBD Hemp Oil does expire. Generally speaking, CBD hemp oil will last for about 12-18 months. While it won't necessarily be "bad" to use after this point, it will degrade in time. The longer it sits, the less effective and potent it becomes, so we recommend restocking before the 18-month mark.


Similar to most other products, the expiration period also depends on how you store your hemp oil. We wouldn't recommend keeping your CBD oil in places that get a lot of sunlight or in warmer areas of your house, as light and heat will both accelerate your CBD's degradation. This is why we sell our CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs in airtight, dark-colored bottles so that it'll stay good for a longer amount of time.


We store our CBD hemp oil in cool, dark places to help extend its shelf life. Think of places in your house like kitchen cabinets or bookshelves that rest out of direct sunlight.


What Are the Differences Between CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs and Hemp Seed Oil? 

The main difference between CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs and hemp seed oil is that hemp seed oil is derived from hemp seeds and not the hemp plant. As a result, hemp seed oil contains no CBD or any other cannabinoids.


Hemp seed oil contains three different kinds of linoleic acid (polyunsaturated fatty acids), which are important for dogs' diets since they can't produce fatty acids independently. Because of this, hemp seed oil is considered a superfood and has tons of proven health benefits on its own.


It's known to help:

  • Improve skin irritation and general skin afflictions
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Boost overall heart health
  • Alleviate soreness
  • Reduce inflammation


Since our CBD Hemp Oil for dogs is made with CBD and hemp seed oil, your pup will experience the benefits of both CBD and hemp seed oil every time you give them a dose!


Can Hemp CBD Oil Help My Calm My Dog? 

Pet owners, rest assured — CBD is known for its soothing and therapeutic effects and can help you to ease any tension your dog may be feeling. Maybe Fido had an encounter with an aggressive dog at the park that left his tail in a slump, or maybe Fluffy's afraid of fireworks and won't come out from behind the couch. CBD oil for dogs can help alleviate your pup's upset nerves, regardless of how they came about.


If you're looking to help give your pup immediate relief, you can administer dog CBD oil to them directly by adding their correct dose straight into their mouth. While this kind of application may take practice to perfect, it can be beneficial because your dog will feel CBD's benefits right away, rather than having to wait for their treat or food to digest first. On the other hand, if you don't want to use this method, you can always add their dose to their dinner or a puppy biscuit instead.


Can I Add Hemp Oil to Dog Food? 

Yes, you can add hemp oil to dog food! If you prefer to add CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs to the dog food and treats you have at home over buying pre-made CBD treats, you absolutely can. Add the proper dosage to your dog's food bowl, mix in, and let your pup enjoy. If you need a refresher on recommended dosing, visit our Dosage Chart.


Bear in mind that when you add CBD hemp oil to your dog's food, that you can still be flexible with your dog's feeding schedule if that's something you prefer. For example, if you don't want to give your dog an entire dose at once, you can split your dog's dose in half between morning and night. Try giving them a half dose in their morning bowl of kibble and the second half in the evening so that they can reap the benefits of CBD and hemp seed oil throughout the entire day.


Can I Add Hemp Oil to Dog Treats? 

Yes, you can add hemp oil to dog treats! But how much CBD oil can you add per treat? By using the same basic dosage guidelines we mentioned previously (0.25 mg/lb for a regular dose), you can add hemp oil to individual treats.


You can also make your own dog treats and infuse them with broad spectrum CBD oil if you love to bake. Add an appropriate dose to your favorite dog treat batter, combine ingredients evenly and thoroughly, and measure or cookie-cut treats to be the same size before baking so that each treat contains about the same amount of CBD oil. If you decide to spoil your pup, we recommend noting how much CBD oil you add to your batter and how many treats you make.


Alternatively, if you prefer to save yourself the trouble of figuring out correct dosing, you can buy CBD dog treats, too! Pet Hemp Company's CBD Superfood Dog Treats come in three delicious flavors: Blueberry & Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Spice & Cinnamon, and Green Apple & Peanut Butter, so Fido can mix it up too!

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