Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet


Why does my dog lick my feet?
No matter how much we love them, dogs may do things that we might find weird or disturbing. One of these things is feet licking. Despite this, we should always note that dogs cannot communicate with words, so they usually communicate in one way or another. Dogs do these actions to maintain our bond with them and, at the same time, further boost our friendship, even if it's a bit strange. 



Why does my dog lick my feet?

There are several reasons why dogs may lick things. This behavior starts as early as infancy, often imitating their mothers when they clean them or simply checking them. These puppies may feel loved and show this as their way of giving love and affection to other animals or humans. So when a dog licks you, especially your feet, it could mean that they tell you that they love you.


Another reason why dogs may lick your feet is for information gathering. Dogs have an intense sense of smell and taste. Since our feet have a ton of sweat glands on them, they can quickly know where we've been, who we had contact with, as well as our mood with just the taste of our sweat alone.



How can I get my dog to stop licking my feet?

You may need to train your dog to stop licking people's feet since you or other people may find it annoying or disturbing; however, you don't need to punish your dog or react violently against them. A great way of preventing your dogs' licking is by changing your dog's licking behavior into a more acceptable one.



You can start by giving them a treat whenever you intervene, allowing positive reinforcement to your dog. You can also give them toys to divert their attention. If this becomes a compulsive behavior, you may want to consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian may provide anti-anxiety drugs or suggest some calming treats that you can use during training. However, never give medications to your dog without a vet's direction.


Always consult your veterinarian before anything else since human-grade anti-anxiety meds may be toxic to dogs. Another way is by enrolling your dog through a behavioral training school specifically for dogs. These professional trainers have devoted their knowledge and time to training dogs to act their very best with people and other animals.



Why do dogs like to lick?

Dogs are curious creatures. As mentioned earlier, dogs have highly developed senses of smell and taste. They can easily figure out things with just the taste of an object alone.



5 Disturbing Reasons Why Your Dog Is Licking Your Feet

From predatorial instinct to improper foot hygiene, your dogs may have weird reasons why they love licking your feet. Here are some of the weird reasons why dogs like to lick feet.


Your feet are meat

Dogs, much like any other animal on this planet, are constantly searching for things to eat. Some dogs may think that your feet could be meat since feet are made up of flesh and bone, with the added salty taste of sweat. If your feet have callouses on them, they may have the texture of a rubbery rawhide treat.

But, since dogs are intelligent, they would probably second guess before taking a bite out of their fur parents and lick their feet instead.


Your feet are nasty

The grosser things are, the more dogs love them more. They roll around dirt, sometimes eat trash, or even eat poop! Human feet can be disgusting, and this makes it irresistible for dogs. You may want to get proper foot hygiene if that's the case.


Your feet are at their mercy

Let's face it, dogs descended from ancient wolves and may still have predatorial instincts to them. But again, since we are at the top of the food chain, all they can do is lick our feet.


They have a problem

As mentioned earlier, foot licking may be a compulsive behavior that acts as a coping mechanism. It could be a sign that your dog is under stress from something. It could be a health issue or a change to their daily routine.


You LIKE it.


Dogs love it when their owners are happy. If at some point you laughed when they lick your feet, they may think that this gesture makes their owners happy.



Why Do Dogs Lick Things (Like Toys Or Rugs)?

Dogs may lick objects such as toys or rugs when they are hungry or thirsty. These objects may have moisture on them to "quench" their thirst or hunger, especially if the dog has not eaten for some time or has no access to drinkable water. Always give proper nutrition and hydration to your dog.



Other Reasons Dogs Might Lick

If your dogs are anxious, they may tend to lick at things, especially their noses. A foot-licking behavior may be a sign that your dog is nervous about something. Some other signs to watch out for are panting, yawning, crouched, or tucked tails between their legs.



What to do about your dog licking your feet

Never punish your dogs for any bad behavior that they do. What you can do is give them treats or talk to them gently. This method is known as positive reinforcement, which improves your bond and, at the same time, prevents resentment from growing on your dog. You may talk to your veterinarian or dog trainer for further tips.



What Kinds of Things Encourage Dogs to Stop licking

Dog toys or treats can help prevent your dog from licking your feet. Expending their pent-up energy is also an excellent way to avoid this behavior. You can do this by playing with your dog or giving them exercises. Another way to encourage your dogs to stop licking your feet is by giving them puzzle toys that have treats in them. 



Do Dog Poop Training Sprays Help

The short answer to this is yes! Some pet supply companies created several sprays to stop dogs from chewing or licking objects. These sprays have an unpleasant taste to them, making dogs avoid licking those objects.



Final Thoughts

Always consult your veterinarians or trainers whenever you encounter problems with your dogs. They will give you the best answers and opinions regarding your dogs.


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