How To Make a Dog Poop Quickly


How To Make a Dog Poop Quickly



Making Your Dog Poop 101

Making your dog poop quickly is not difficult. You can make them do their doody on command. With this easy-to-follow guide, it’s very simple. And, you won’t be needing any over-the-counter medicines. Many dogs, especially those that are untrained, can be picky in choosing their bathroom spot. If the place is unfamiliar to your pet, it can take hours for them to release the golden egg. If it isn’t the right time, they will hesitate to poop during your whole routine walk.


To circumvent these problems, you must teach and train your canine friend the proper way.



How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly

It can be frustrating to stand under the rain and wait for your beloved pet to do their business. Dogs are great pets. They’re affectionate and rambunctious, and they’ll guard you with their life. But, pet owners like you often face hard times whenever it's time to do number two. Some breeds are hard to toilet train, and your pet could be one of those pooches.


Here are all the tips you need for making your dog poop on cue.



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5 Tips on How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly


Use Wipes to Get Your Dog to Poop Quickly

When it comes to pets, simulating what adult dogs and cats do to their newborn with a pet wipe can trigger a bowel movement. Albeit a little bit messy, using wipes and hydrating your dog often work. Mother dogs lick their young to stimulate normal fecal discharge. Very young pups are not able to defecate by themselves. The puppy diet and constant stimulation of their mother’s tongue on their belly make them discharge their wastes in healthy intervals.


With baby wipes, you can imitate this natural behavior of mother dogs. If you provide a high-fiber diet to your pet, then constantly rubbing their belly and gently wiping their hole could help you achieve the goal of your routine walk.



Check Your Dog’s Diet

At times, the cause of constipation in dogs could be a low-fiber diet. As stated earlier, pets need to absorb fiber from their food and treats. In a wild setting, both cats and dogs nibble and swallow certain types of grasses. They do this to stimulate vomiting or defecation. As a pet owner, you must provide a healthy balanced diet to your pet. Too much protein and too little fiber in their food cause constipation. This can lead to serious digestive health problems, like obstipation (severe or complete constipation).


Have a Routine with Exercise to Help Your Dog Poop Quickly

For your pet to be toilet trained, they need a predictable schedule. You need to make your canine friend follow a walking routine and regular feeding program. Most dogs defecate in the morning, while some do it late in the afternoon. You must take note of the time when they do number two.


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Squirting Water

Aside from using wipes, the use of warm water can also stimulate bowel movement. However, it’s messier than the first method in this section. You can avoid stinky and messy situations with the following method.


Gently, spray cool or warm water around your dog’s bum. It’s best to try this at home so that you can avoid getting messy outside. Nobody wants to walk around smelling like dog feces. This tip works best when you’re toilet training your pet.


The Ice Cube Method

This is perhaps the easiest method. You just need to lift your canine friend’s tail up and rub a small piece of ice cube around their hole. If this first attempt doesn’t work, you need to insert an ice cube into their bum. When your pet discharges the ice, their feces will follow. Make sure to have a tissue or paper ready for waste removal.



Why Dogs Are so Picky When Choosing a Bathroom Spot

Dogs can be picky when choosing their bathroom spot. Sometimes, it may look like they’re searching for something, sniffing around and pawing on the ground. When you observe this behavior, you may get your hopes up. You might think that your pooch is about to poop, but you could just be disappointed again. They may repeat this behavior for hours without anything happening.


As long as they can’t find a comfortable place to potty, they will continue to hold their poop inside. Here are some more reasons why dogs do this:



Dogs naturally defecate on grassy areas. Even litter is made up of materials similar to soil. If you constantly walk your pooch on cemented areas, then this could be the reason why they often hesitate to poop during your routine walks.



Just like children, canines thrive on routine and order. If their habit is to relieve themself in the morning, then you must adjust accordingly. It can be hard to force your pet to potty in the afternoon if they’re not used to that schedule.



When dogs are anxious, depressed, or stressed, they may stop exhibiting normal behaviors. This includes drinking, eating, and pooping. This is when your routine becomes handy. Once your pet is familiar with their environment and has adapted a routine, they will respond well to cues and to your efforts to make them defecate.


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What Commands Should I Use for Dog Pottying

Once you have a fixed routine, you need to work on the command. After morning meal time, dogs often poop. If it’s the right time, grab a leash and take your dog on a walk. You must be patient. It could take minutes or hours for your dog to defecate. In this step, follow the tips mentioned in the previous section so that you can make your pet poop quickly.


When they squat and start to defecate, say the words that will serve as the cue. Make sure that your dog can hear it, but avoid shouting since you’re in a public place. Commands like “go poop” or “go potty” will do.



Teaching Your Dog to Poop on Command

If your pooch still hesitates to poop after you’ve followed the tips above, then they’re not ready yet for that kind of progress. They need a routine, a training regimen, and a lot of treats. Believe it or not, you can teach your canine friend to defecate on cue. Just follow the steps below and you and your pet will be good to go.


  • Follow the tips above and home train your pet first before settling on a routine.
  • Take note of the time your pet usually defecates. During these times, you need to take your pet outside.
  • Choose a command and use it.
  • Let your canine friend get used to the routine and the command you’ve chosen.
  • Repeat this routine over and over.


Get to Know the Signs that Your Dog is About to Poop


  • Pot-bellied appearance
  • Abdominal pain
  • Prolonged squatting position
  • The dog keeps circling a small area


What Kinds of Things Encourage Dogs to Poop


  • Walk your dog for some time before settling down.
  • At times, pets just need exercise to have an easy bowel movement.
  • After some activity, they may feel the urge to poop, so don’t hesitate to bring some toys for a game of fetch.
  • Find a quiet place and stay there until your pooch defecates.
  • Follow a schedule.
  • Rub your pet’s belly slowly.
  • Provide a good diet that is high in fiber.
  • With wipes, rub your pet’s anus to urge them to poop. This method works best after some exercise.
  • You can also squirt water around their anus before using wipes.



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Do Dog Poop Training Sprays Help

With the great number of pet lovers in the UK and the USA, pet cleaning products are thriving on online markets. Today, many manufacturers of training sprays claim that they can stimulate defecation. In truth, such products aren’t that effective. But, it’s harmless to try, and if the spray doesn’t work, you’ll just be out of a few bucks.



What Do I Do If My Dog Can’t Poop?

For most canines, defecating is a time of vulnerability. Your pet will only do it in front of you if they truly trust you. Forcing them to poop outside could be difficult. Your dog needs to feel secure first and get accustomed to their environment. This is why scheduling your walks and letting them follow a routine is essential. The tips in the following section can also help in stimulating bowel movement.



Dogs Constipation Remedies


  • Add probiotics and digestive enzymes to your pet’s diet
  • Feed pumpkin puree
  • Give wet food and dietary fiber supplements
  • Keep them well hydrated
  • Add at least 1 teaspoon of ginger powder to their food
  • Give them a few droplets of laxative or stool softener
  • Follow the instructions of a vet-approved enema
  • Go on daily routine walks
  • Add olive oil or vegetable oil to their diet
  • Give ginger and chicken broth instead of water



Final Thoughts

Potty training requires time, patience, and dog treats. There’s no need to rush. Once your pet learns the trick and starts to follow a cue, then everything will be rewarding. Every morning or afternoon, take your dog on a walk. This schedule should coincide with their bathroom breaks. It can be hard to force your dog to relieve themself during “the best time for you.”



Nevertheless, you can adapt to their schedule. Dogs often defecate in the morning, after a meal, or late in the afternoon. They will rarely poop during nighttime. For your walking routine, choose a time that will work for you and your dog. Every time they poop, say the cue. After they finish pooping, reward them with a treat. Follow this pattern, and you’ll see the results. Just don’t forget your magic word. Check out these resources for more dog care tips.

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