How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water


How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water?

Being hydrated is crucial to your dog's overall health. As a pet owner, you have to make sure that clean, fresh water is always available. But what if you miss a day? Have you ever left home after forgetting to pour your dog some water? 


Well, this situation can happen, but you must avoid it if possible. In this post, we will tackle the importance of water for dogs and how long they can survive without it.



How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water? 

If you leave home for work one day and forget to give your dog water, don't worry too much, as they will most likely be okay. But don't let it happen repeatedly because dehydration is a serious health risk. Dogs can safely survive for 6-10 hours without water but it’s not recommended. 


Your pooch can survive up to three days without any liquid in their body. However, if they won't drink water for three days, they will become dehydrated and weak. They would need immediate hydration or hospitalization to avoid serious damage to their body.



How Much Water Should Dogs Drink? 

80% of a dog's body is made of water, so your dog requires this amount of water to stay healthy. Dogs require one ounce of water for every pound of body weight. So if your dog weighs 25 lbs, they would need at least 25 ounces of water a day.



Reasons Your Dog is Not Drinking 

Dogs are good at keeping themselves hydrated. As soon as they feel thirsty, they will look for water right away. But what if they don't feel like drinking? What could be the reason why a dog would avoid water?


Your dog may stop drinking if they are feeling sick. They might be dealing with an upset tummy or have a urinary or intestinal problem. If they also avoid eating solid food, you have to take action immediately. Consult their vet right away.



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How to Check if Your Dog Is Dehydrated 

Dehydration is a life-threatening situation for dogs. It is crucial, as a pet owner, to know the signs of dehydration. The best way to check if your dog is dehydrated is by putting your thumb to their back or head. Once you release your finger and it springs back, you know they are hydrated. But if it doesn't spring back, they must be dehydrated. 



How to Encourage Your Dog to Drink More 

If your dog is a picky eater, they may not like to drink either. One way of encouraging them to drink is to place many bowls with water around them. You have to make sure that the bowls and water are clean and fresh. Feeding them with wet food can make a difference too. You can add a small amount of water to it for more hydration. 


Moisture-Rich Dog Food 

Moisture-rich food is good for dogs who are not fond of drinking water. Most canned dog foods are moisture-rich and help keep your pooch hydrated. Canned foods can also be served with kibble diets. Soft or moist treats can also provide a bit of hydration and nutrition.


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Tasty Water Alternatives 

Flavored beverages that are safe for dogs can be the best alternative for water. You can serve your dog soup, a few tablespoons of cow’s or goat's milk, or homemade popsicles made from bone broth. These tasty water alternatives make great treats and are refreshing and hydrating.



Use Hydrated Food to Prevent Dehydration in Dogs 

Some hydrated foods that you can add to your dog's diet are watermelon and cucumber. These extra hydrating options will not only make them hydrated. They’re full of nutrients that are good for their skin, bones, and digestion.



Why Is Water So Important to Dogs? 

Water is important for your dog's metabolism process. It is essential in distributing nutrients to the body. It keeps their joints healthy and makes them lively. In general, water is vital to your dog's health. Their body may not function well without water.



How to Get a Dog to Drink Water? 

Ensuring that your loving pet is getting enough water is important. If they are resisting water, you have to know the underlying reasons why they don't feel like drinking. Do they only need attention? Is their drinking bowl dirty? Is the water unclean? 


If it’s because of any of these reasons, try to solve the issues. Make time for them, clean their bowl, or serve them clean water. However, if you think that they are sick, the best idea is to consult their vet.



How Long Can a Dog Safely Go Without Water? 

While your dog can survive three days with water, it doesn't mean that they would be healthy as soon as they get to drink water. They may be still alive, but their internal organs could be damaged. In normal situations, dogs can safely survive 6-10 hours without water without damage or ill effects.



How Do I Rehydrate My Dog? 

You can rehydrate your dog through an electrolyte-enhanced fluid. Pedialyte is an old trick to keep humans rehydrated. You can give your pooch with Pedialyte, too. This liquid solution is best to treat serious dehydration issues. However, for mild dehydration, offering them water is the best remedy. 


Can I Give My Dog Gatorade and Other Electrolyte Solutions? 

Gatorade and electrolyte solutions can hydrate humans. You can also use them for your dog. However, these hydration remedies are to be served in moderation. If you think your dog needs more liquid, give them Pedialyte. It contains electrolytes and is safer for dogs than Gatorade.



How Do You Treat Dehydration in Dogs? 

Inadequate water in the body can make your dog dehydrated. If this happens, your dog can become ill, or it may lead to serious damage to their body organs. What you need to do as a pet owner is to help your dog drink water. If they don't like drinking water because they are ill, you should take them to the vet.




Final Thought

Dogs love and need water. They have a bodily instinct to drink water if they feel thirsty. Typically, when your dog doesn't drink, there's a possibility that they're suffering from a serious health issue. It may lead to dehydration and will cause further damage to their body. Just like humans, their body needs a lot of water.


As soon as you notice that they are reluctant to drink it, try to find solutions right away. Pour clean water into their bowl, or take them to his vet if it's a serious health problem.

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