Hemp Oil Benefits

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Hemp Oil Benefits: Everything You Need To Know About Hemp


CBD was first discovered in 1940 to have potential health benefits for numerous ailments. Hemp oil, for instance, is known as an all-natural remedy for anxiety and stress in humans. However, the increased interest in hemp oil benefits for dogs has also fueled many studies to prove its effects in humans and pets. Is hemp oil really beneficial to pets? If yes, how is it so?


Along with the benefits of hemp oil to dogs, there are other reasons to keep this as a staple for pet owners out there. So, if you have a pet with some serious health concerns, knowing how hemp can help provide natural treatment is truly a life-saver.


What Is Hemp?

Hemp is different from cannabis or marijuana in terms of cultivation, function, and application. Hemp contains lower THC concentrations but higher cannabidiol or CBD, which makes it less psychoactive or not psychoactive at all. It is also known as industrial hemp because this plant is cultivated for its fiber.


What Are the Benefits of Hemp?

The ability of hemp oil to provide a healthy dosage of CBD in order to interact with a dog’s cannabinoid receptors is truly commendable. In fact, the dogs’ endocannabinoid system has an important role in their overall health. It controls cognitive responses, including hormonal balance, appetite, temperature, and immune system responses.

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Hemp oil has also been found to contain anti-swelling and discomfort-relieving properties. The following are the most common benefits of hemp oil in the overall health of pets:


Skin Health

One of the best uses of hemp oil for dogs is maintaining healthy skin. It prevents skin diseases as your dog gets exposed to harsh conditions and elements that can cause skin damage and other skin-related disorders. The skin has cannabinoid receptors that interact with the oil to heal wounds, hot spots, stings, bites, and cuts.


Moreover, hemp oil is a natural treatment for allergies, dry skin and other common skin problems in dogs. With healthy skin, it also promotes healthy coat for your pets since the skin reacts with the CBD receptors that help produce glossy coat in fur babies. As a result, pets don’t have the peculiar odor while reducing the risk of allergies.


Skin allergies in dogs can be year-round or seasonal. Using hemp oil can improve the signs of atopic dermatitis due to its gamma-linolenic acid or GLA content, an Omega-6 fat essential in maintaining skin health in both humans and pets. On the other hand, GLA deficiency can cause various health problems that include allergies and other skin-related diseases.


Brain Health

Contrary to the myth, hemp oil is not psychoactive. As a matter of fact, it’s completely free of any THC concentrations, which makes it different from traditional cannabis with intoxicating effects to users. Therefore, it is proven to treat anxiety in dogs that is usually caused by loud sounds, trips to the vet clinic, haircuts, and strange appearances.


Pets are highly sociable, so they are vulnerable to these triggers that can affect their brain health. Signs of anxiety include restlessness, continuous barking, and frequent urination. Giving them hemp oil can reduce these symptoms due to the calming effects of CBD. It produces feel-good hormones while enhancing brain activity to keep your pet calm and relaxed.


Heart Health

Hemp oil is also known to improve heart health in dogs. Experts recommend this supplement as it is proven to decrease blood pressure levels, while slowing down rapid heartbeat. Older dogs are more vulnerable to heart ailments that are more difficult to treat than the ones developed in young dogs. Hemp oil benefits for pets can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases over time.

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Another major organ in the body that hemp oil keeps healthy is the liver. In addition, it promotes stronger a immune system so that pets can function properly and survive daily health threats. The antimicrobial properties of hemp oil inhibits pathogenic microorganism growth such as candida.


Natural Pain Reliever

Due to the ability of hemp oil to reduce inflammation, it can also effectively treat all kinds of pain your pet may be suffering from. It’s a better alternative to traditional drugs like pain killers. By targeting pain points, it naturally relieves the body from pain caused by hard stool, surgery scars, painful joints, and other reasons for discomfort.


CBD provides pain relief by stimulating immune system activity and eliminating the factors that can trigger inflammation and auto-immune disorders. As your pet grows older, he may experience energy loss due to weakened immune system. It can cause chronic pain in muscles and joints such as joint issues and other age-related health problems.


Hemp oil can control and aid joint issues in pets, as well as other inflammations as it contains antioxidants, an essential component that eliminates free radicals within your dog’s body. Over time, the harmful effects of accumulated free radicals disrupt internal balance, which can lead to chronic pains and other diseases.



As a natural alternative to various veterinary medications, hemp oil has limited side effects for pets. Compared to traditional drugs, this plant-based supplement can be mixed with your pet’s food with the recommended dose or drops. When buying, make sure the brand is reputable and the CBD product is formulated with premium ingredients for best results.

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Hemp oil benefits for pets help pet owners keep their dogs healthy and happy throughout all the seasons. It addresses various health problems without any side effects, unlike pharmaceutical medications. However, it is highly advised to consult your veterinarian before giving your pet any CBD products such as hemp oil. Health risks including over-dosage can be life-threatening to pets.


If you’re currently looking for a reliable hemp oil brand, you’re in the right place. There is a wide variety of hemp products you can choose from, depending on the needs of your dog and other pets. Do you want to improve your pet’s health? Hemp oil is an excellent solution to pet-related health problems today.

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