National Cat Day

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National Cat Day: 10 Gift Ideas for Your Cat


National cat day is mainly celebrated every 8th of August. Although some countries like Russia celebrate it in March, the day has one key objective: to raise awareness for cats without homes. On this day, people get to educate each other on how they can care for their cats better. National cat day is important to both cats and their owners.


Owners get to spend more time with their cats, while the cats get the pampering of the year. On this day, many cats get adopted too, so that is quite an advantage to both cats and their owners. Apart from the benefits, there are tons of cat gifts you could gift your cat to make them feel special and loved on this special day for them. Below are some cat gifts you could consider for your cat.


Gift Ideas for Cats

A Scratcher Lounge


Cats love scratching and if you have been with them for a long time, you know that they can scratch anywhere, and thus end up destroying lots of household stuff. If you have never thought of giving your cat a surface to scratch, then this can be a purrfect gift for your pet.


Fortunately, there are many cat scratchers from many outlets, but you can also consider a DIY with sisal and then gift it to them. You have to place the scratching lounge gift in a strategic place where they love to scratch. If they love scratching your leather seats, try to place the gift near the seats. They will eventually get used to their new scratching post, and then you can move it to another place.


A Toy Mouse



Cats love to search for moving objects and pounce on them. They love this, and it is a popular habit among cats. Toy mice come in varieties, so if you have kittens around your home, you can try to look for much larger toys to avoid your kittens from swallowing.


However, a toy mouse is very convenient and fun for cats. Some toy mice also come with mouse sounds, which will make your cats even more excited in looking for the mice. This toy is good for making your cats busy playing with the toy, and also helps them exercise, especially if your cat is obese.


A Cosy Bed Near the Window

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This alone can stand in for all the cat gifts you want to buy. If your cats love the window’s view, you can consider buying them a nice warm bed near the window where they can sleep as they watch the outdoors. Cats are like royalty, and if you have one, you know what I mean. This means that you do not just buy a bed, but a bed with a cosy surface.


You can also consider buying a bed with a warmer for warmth considering the immense love cats have for warmth. Your cat will definitely love you for the bed, and they will no longer take over your seats.


A raised cat feeder



Most cat owners know that their little fur child loves luxury and comfort. This involves even their cat feeders. If you want to make your cat even happier, you can gift them with a cat feeder. A cat feeder allows them to eat from a raised point, saving them from bending their necks too much.


Some cats may puke a lot when eating at a low point because they ingest a lot of air in the process. You can help keep them from ingesting a lot of air by gifting them with a raised cat feeder. Luckily, you can get the raised cat feeder from any pet store.


A portable cat bed

If you love travelling with your cat, this cat gift can make traveling safer for both you and your cat. For instance, if your cat does not like being in the car, a portable cat bed would do them good. They can rest on the bed as you drive to your destination. This will make them feel more relaxed and safe.


Most of these portable cat beds have buckles to help keep your cat buckled up to the seat belt, ensuring that your cat is safe as you drive. Also, most of these portable beds come in a circular design so that your cat can curl up in their normal circle position.


Personalized items

Because you consider your cat as one of your family members, get them a personalized item. It could be a bowl or cat bed. Whatever it is, make sure that your cat uses it most of the time. By doing this, you will alert your cat and others in the house that your fur baby is important to you.


A food maze

This is especially great for cats who are on the obese side. They can try to find their food on their own without you helping them. When they do this, they get to put in more effort, thus allowing them to have fun and lose a little bit of excess weight from their body.


A butterfly chaser

Cats love to chase butterflies and there is nothing really that can stop them from doing so. What you can do is buy them a simple but high quality butterfly chaser that you can install in your home. A butterfly chaser will stimulate their hunting instincts, thus keeping them busy throughout the day.


A cosy cat cave

Cats love warmth, luxury and comfort, plus they spend most of their time sleeping. These facts make a cosy cat cave a perfect gift for them. Make sure it’s dark, soft and warm for your cat to love it. You can also consider choosing one with a bright color. It can look super pretty in your room.


Cat CBD treats

Giving cat CBD treats to your furry pal is another amazing gift to give. CBD allows your cat to relax even more when you realize they are under a lot of anxiety or stress. Cat CBD treats are also very much available for your cat to enjoy.


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While spending time with your fur baby may be enough to make them happy, giving gifts makes it more fun. It also shows that you care for your cat. They might not thank you for giving them a gift, but the happiness you will see in them is reason for you to be happy too.

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