Hug Your Cat Day

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Hug Your Cat Day

We sure love cuddling with our cats. Actually, this is the part of my day I most look forward to. Therefore, I felt so thrilled to discover International Hug Your Cat Day - an unofficial holiday that rolls out every June 4th. This is a perfect day to celebrate our “kitty” friends by giving them extra love, time, and attention.

Cat owners, cat lovers, and the entire feline community are very welcome to participate in this wonderful event. Who does not like to have some celebrations with our feline best friends?


How Did It Start?

The origin of International Hug Your Cat Day remains a mystery. No official records can state when or where the first June 4th happened. But this pleasant holiday should no longer come as a surprise to any of us. During ancient times, specifically around Egypt, cats were already highly regarded.

The discovered artifacts prove that our feline friends have long been receiving glory, love, and respect from humankind. Our love for cats had not really changed through time. The comfort and company they share with us are truly one of a kind. It is no wonder, someone thought of dedicating a day to celebrate these wonderful beings.


Why Cats Are the Best?

There are many reasons why cats deserve an extra day of hugs. First, cats are loyal and reliable friends. Some may argue that felines are often snobbish and cold, unlike dogs. Well, you might be wrong. Scientific studies reveal that cats can provide us with good company. They tend to reciprocate the same amount of love and attention we give them. Snuggle time is surely one of their cute ways!

Second, cats can give us social and emotional support. This is especially true for people who’ve lost someone. Studies show that cats help people to recover and move on faster from breakups and deaths of loved ones. This is mainly because we feel more comfortable expressing ourselves, our pain, and even regrets to our cats who will not have any judgment against us.

Lastly, cats are low maintenance. Cost and space are some of the major considerations of owning a pet. Fortunately, having a cat at home won’t cost your wallet and living space too much. They require less food and grooming than most dogs. Cats are also more independent. They are perfect for people with busy lifestyles since they do not require as much tending.

You can feel at ease leaving them alone, as long as you provide them with enough food and water for the day.

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How to Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day?

You might be wondering how to make this holiday extra special. Well, it depends. It depends on your character, on your cat’s or cats’ personality, and resources. To help you decide, here are some interesting ideas you may want to try.

  • Volunteering

Many local shelters are looking for volunteers. I recommend this activity to everyone, especially for people who want to own a cat but cannot. Shelters are home to many stray and abandoned cats and kittens.

Due to lack of funding and support, many of these shelters experience a shortage of supplies and manpower, which is why it is a huge help for you to lend a hand for a day or so in the spirit of Hug your Cat Day. You can share your love with as many cats in the shelter by snuggling, cleaning their cages, and feeding them. It’ll surely be a day to remember.

  • Adoption

Welcoming a new kitty into your home also seems to be a great way to celebrate a pleasant holiday. Every cat deserves a friend and a home. It is truly heartbreaking how some people can leave kittens and cats on the streets to die. There are also cats in the shelter who experienced abuse and maltreatment. These beautiful beings deserve to be loved and to be cared for.

  • Throw a Purrty (Party)!

The celebration always calls for a party. You can seize this opportunity to invite friends over together with their cats. Get as creative as you can and decorate your place. Prepare a feast especially for the felines, and for humans too. The best part is that you can go around hugging your friends’ cats all the while enjoying their company.

  • Treat Your Cats

What better way to celebrate this day than by giving your cats a major surprise? Shop for the yummiest treats, be it chewy treats, fish, or meat. You can also look for recipes online to prepare a tuna-licious feast for your favorite cat. But never compromise the health of your cats. Always check the nutritional content and possible risks to their well-being. You don’t want them ending up in a vet hospital ☹.

  • Buy Your Cats a New Play Toy.

Remember that June 4th is for your beloved cat companions. Buy them something to have fun with. There are many cat toys in the market you can choose from. You can stick to the classics like feathers, balls, and scratchboards. You can also try buying modern cat toys equipped with advanced technological features.

One of the most popular nowadays is Alexa and camera-equipped pet cubes. These types of toys allow you to talk and take pictures of your cat from anywhere, anytime.

  • Spend Quality Time with Your Cat

Nothing beats intimate time with your cats. You can choose to spend it at home or outdoors. I recommend starting the day by cuddling in bed. Then in the afternoon, you can have a little walk outside, sit down in the park, and allow your cat to play around. At night, lay down on the bed and cuddle while doing the things you both love.

This simple celebration can make your cats feel extra loved and cared for. No matter how you imagine or plan to celebrate this day, I am sure your cat will be happy. Snuggle and get cozy with your best friends on every day.

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