Hemp Oil for Dogs

Hemp Oil for Dogs

Hemp Oil for Dogs


For humans, there are many benefits of hemp oil. It is known to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and clear the skin naturally. But veterinarians and pet parents are now recognizing these benefits to dogs and other pets. Studies even continue to emerge that prove how hemp oil can also be effective for dogs.

Various ailments can affect senior dogs and those with existing health conditions. More people are choosing natural treatments to help their pets live longer. Hemp oil is one such natural treatment that can treat seizures, anxiety, and cancer in dogs while improving their overall health.

The following are some important things to know about hemp oil for dogs.

What Is Hemp Oil for Dogs?

Hemp is a marijuana plant that contains cannabidiol (CBD). The liquid that is extracted from the plant through CO2 extraction or other extracting methods is called hemp oil. Some parts of the plant, such as the flower, have glands called trichomes that contain essential oils. To formulate the oil, CBD ratios are determined by separating the glands from the hemp.

There are 80 cannabinoids in a hemp plant including tetrahydrocannabinol 
(THC) and cannabidiol. THC is the hallucinogenic component of the plant while CBD is the medical ingredient. Using cannabinoids together makes it more effective in treating health conditions than using them separately.

Typically, hemp products only contain 0.3% THC. CBD is an essential component used in medical treatments for dogs. Before you decide to administer hemp oil to your pet, make sure to consult your veterinarian to get the exact dosage and avoid the side effects.

Different Types of Hemp Oil

With the growing popularity of the hemp plant, it’s important to understand its uses and types in order to get the most out of it. Each type of hemp oil has specific benefits according to its properties. Below are the three main types of hemp oil that you can administer to your dog for medical purposes:

  1. Hemp seed oil. This can be refined or unrefined depending on the brand you are buying. As the name implies, this type of oil is extracted from hemp seeds and is processed differently. The unrefined hemp seed oil has a distinct nutty flavor and green color. It is formulated with nutritious content just like other unrefined oils that are labeled raw, virgin, or pure.

On the other hand, the refined hemp seed oil doesn’t contain much flavor and is colorless. It lacks in antioxidants and natural vitamins that the unrefined oil contains. This is more commonly used in manufacturing products like lubricants, plastics, fuel, and body care.

    1. CBD hemp oil. This is basically for medical use as it contains CBD oils that are effective in treating cancer, epilepsy, and seizures. However, with the fast-growing hemp industry, this type of CBD product is heavily regulated despite the legalization in some states.
    2. Hemp essential oil. This oil is extracted from the flowers and upper leaves of the plant. They are steam distilled in order to get the pure aroma and flavor of the plant. It’s light green or pale yellow in color and has distinct therapeutic scent.

What Is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Full spectrum hemp oil is the pure hemp extract containing terpenes, flavonoids, CBC, CBN, CBG, CBD, and THC. It comes in many forms such as salves, tinctures, balms, tablets, and capsules. This hemp product has been helpful in managing epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disease, and neurodegenerative diseases in humans as well as in dogs.

Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dogs

If your dog is suffering from anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, cancer symptoms, back pain, arthritis, stress, and nausea, hemp oil is a good alternative treatment. The cannabinoids provide relief by interacting with the endocannabinoid system wherein the receptors run through the body. As a result, nausea, anxiety, and pain are reduced.

Hemp oil also balances the immune system of dogs while improving their bodily responses. It helps regulate homeostasis and keeps the nervous system in good condition. For dogs with chronic anxiety, this oil promotes emotional balance and relaxes the muscles especially when traveling.

Side Effects of Hemp Oil for Dogs

Compared to traditional medical treatments, hemp oil for dogs doesn’t have any serious side effects given the proper dosage. It’s good for the liver, GI tract, and even kidney. More importantly, it doesn’t make your dog high because hemp oil doesn’t contain THC or the psychoactive component of hemp.

To make sure your dog doesn’t suffer from side effects, visit your veterinarian before administering any drug or medication to your pet. If you don’t follow the right dosage, your dog may experience some side effects including drowsiness, low blood pressure, and dry mouth.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Safe for Dogs?

Hemp oil is safe for dogs. The question is, do you know how to administer this to your pet? Giving your dog the wrong dosage can lead to serious problems and risks. Therefore, knowing the proper dosage can prevent THC or CBD toxicity.

Your veterinarian is the only one who can determine the exact dosage your dog needs to treat an ailment. Proper dosing provides positive effects as well as long-term benefits. Another factor to consider when using hemp oil for dogs is the marijuana laws in your state to make sure it’s legal and applicable.

What to Look for in a Brand

If you’re looking for the best hemp oil brand in the market, it’s good to check the label especially the ingredients and sources. Choose hemp products from certified growers in the country to get quality, GMO-free hemp oil. Also, reputable sellers undergo third party testing to guarantee that their hemp doesn’t contain too much THC.

Most importantly, you need to find an organic product that is 100% pure and raw in order to get the most benefits for your beloved pet. If you haven’t tried hemp oil yet, you can do some research to understand how it works for dogs. The best thing to do is contact your local veterinarian and discuss this treatment so that you can determine if it’s what your pet needs.


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