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Based on your answers, this is the recommended CBD dosage for your horse

Starting 7500mg (Up to 1500 lbs) = 50MG 7500mg (Up to 1500 lbs) = 10MG
Regular 7500mg (Up to 1500 lbs) = 100MG 7500mg (Up to 1500 lbs) = 20MG
Strong 7500mg (Up to 1500 lbs) = 200MG 7500mg (Up to 1500 lbs) = 40MG

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The CBD Oil Tinctures work great
Wow! Just Wow!! These work great! I’ve never used CBD for my pets before, but this company helped me feel completely safe and informed on the products for my pets. Everything is natural, and fits perfectly into my own lifestyle and personal diet. Now my pets can too!



Taylor R.


I’m so happy with the results! 

I love these new horse pellets Pet Hemp Company recently released! I am so glad I got to try them out, my Betty has had joint issues in the past and I give her a small scoop of these in the morning and I can notice the difference within the hour! Thank you! I can’t wait to get more. 

Elisha M.

Want a dosage chart for other pets?

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