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Based on your answers, this is the recommended CBD dosage for your cat

Starting 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 2.5MG 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 1/2 TREAT 150 (1b-20lb)​ = 2.5MG 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 1/2 TREAT
Regular 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 5MG 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 1 TREAT 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 5MG 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 1 TREAT
Strong 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 10MG 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 2 TREATS 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 10MG 150 (1lb-20lb)​ = 2 TREATS

Suggested Products From Your Answers


The CBD Oil Tinctures work great
Wow! Just Wow!! These work great! I’ve never used CBD for my pets before, but this company helped me feel completely safe and informed on the products for my pets. Everything is natural, and fits perfectly into my own lifestyle and personal diet. Now my pets can too!

Taylor R.


Have you heard about the Cat Treats?
My cat was so used to me working from home so when my job decided to have us back in the office he couldn’t take it and started scratching everything up being left alone! Thankfully I started to do some research and I stumbled upon a really interesting article online that led me here!!  I never knew they made Cat Treats with CBD and it def did the trick! Thanks Pet Hemp Company! 

Shannon D.


Please do yourself a favor and try these CBD Capsules!
Recently my dog was having joint issues so I started to look into CBD and found Pet Hemp Company, I saw all their raving reviews and decided to order from them! I’m so glad I did!!  I was shocked how easy it was for my dog to eat these, I just popped the capsule open and sprinkled on his food and an hour later I could notice the difference in behavior! Will def be coming back for more! 🙂

Joanne H.


These CBD Soft Chews are so easy for my cat to eat!
I know these are for dogs but they’re so soft, they’re perfect for my cat. Please please please make these soft chews for cats. Me and my cat would be so happy!! Thanks Pet Hemp Company.

Sierra R. 

Want a dosage chart for other pets?

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