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It’s that time of year (again)! The holidays are right around the corner, and the present buying frenzy is upon us. Beat the crowds with a little online shopping this Black Friday here at Pet Hemp Co. Take advantage of the best deal of the year and save some dough on all your favorite CBD pet products. Don’t wait until the last minute to give your pet the gift of wellness and relief with a helpful CBD product. For the best CBD Black Friday deals, just use the code at checkout to get another of that same item free with purchase!

What is Black Friday?

Every year, Black Friday falls on the Friday following the festivities of Thanksgiving. The day likely adopted this bleak name because of the crowds that would congest the streets after Thanksgiving starting in the 1960s. It also might have something to do with people’s tendency to call out of work the following day to get a 4-day weekend!

This year, Black Friday will be on November 26, 2021. Shops (like Pet Hemp Co!) usually offer sales on their items in celebration of the upcoming holidays, so jump on these deals while you can!

When Does the 2021 Black Friday Sale Begin & How Long Does It Last?

This year, our sitewide sale starts at 9:00 p.m. PST on Thanksgiving Day (midnight if you’re on the east coast). So set your alarms and mark your calendars! The CBD Black Friday sales start soon.

How Do I Redeem the CBD Black Friday Coupons?

It’s easy! Simply browse our selection of premium CBD pet products and add your favorites to your shopping cart. At checkout, enter our Black Friday sale code, and the discount will be applied. No sweat!

Which Website Has the Best CBD Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?

No doubt, there are hundreds of CBD brands advertising their Black Friday deals. This can all seem enticing, but don’t be fooled! The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can only be found on Pet Hemp Co’s site. We have Black Friday CBD deals on all of our products with our BOGO and 45% off sitewide deals. Where else are you going to find high-quality, organic pet CBD at such a bargain?

Can I Combine My Black Friday Coupon With Other CBD Deals?

Black Friday deals are a stand-alone event! That means you cannot combine them with most other deals. But Pet Hemp Co’s BOGO and 45% off sitewide Black Friday deals are so good that you won’t need to!

Disclaimer: These CBD deals exclude subscription products, bundles, horse pellets over 5lbs, or any other product that’s on sale or discounted.

Can I Order CBD for Pets Outside of the USA?

While CBD for pets is federally legal within the USA, the laws vary internationally. While some stores may ship internationally, Pet Hemp Co only ships within the United States. Each state has different regulations and laws regarding CBD, so we advise you to read our shipping terms and conditions and know your state’s CBD laws before placing an order.

What Is Our Shipping Policy for Black Friday?

Orders take about 2 days to process before they’re ready to ship out to you! From there, shipping takes about 1-4 days for our rushed orders to a week for all others. With the rush of the holidays and delays due to the pandemic, there may be slight variations in this time, depending on the carrier. Check out our FAQ for more shipping information. Still have questions? Our customer service team is here to help you sort everything out! Contact our email at or give us a call at 1-833-PET-CBD1 (1-833-738-2231) to speak to a helpful representative.

What Is Our Return Policy for Black Friday?

Our return policy is the same as ever during Black Friday CBD sales. Pet Hemp Co assures you complete satisfaction with all of our products. But if you do need to return your order, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We even offer a 15 day grace period on top of that in case you’ve had a busy week (that’s a 45-day money-back guarantee return policy!).

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Pet Hemp Company CBD Black Friday Deals

For Black Friday, Pet Hemp Co is offering two incredible deals for all of our products. The first is a BOGO. That means if you buy a tincture, you get a tincture. Got some dog treats? Have another, on us! However, this deal applies only to two of the same product and does not count for mixing and matching. Your second option is 45% off sitewide.

Curious about our pet product lineup? Time for the good stuff! You can expect only the best of the best, of course. All of our below products are made from organic USA-grown hemp with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients and are eligible for these sitewide deals!


45% Off Sitewide Code: BLACK45

CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

Organically extracted CBD oil (tinctures) is made for pet owners who need a versatile CBD product that acts fast. CBD sublingual absorption instantly enters your pet’s system and relieves unpleasant symptoms like nausea, nervousness, and aches. For added convenience, it’s also easy to mix oil into any pet’s food, taking the trouble out of convincing pickier pets to take their CBD.
Made with broad spectrum CBD and hemp oil, this super product is also packed with essential omega fatty acids from natural hemp seeds vital for elevating your pet’s health and growth. The benefits are so enticing, you’ll use every last drop! Stay ahead of the game and take advantage of Pet Hemp Co’s sale to have a second bottle handy so you always have your CBD oil at the ready.


CBD Dog Treats

Whether your dog needs joint and immune support or needs a helping hand with sleep and relaxation, Pet Hemp Co has you covered with our line of CBD dog treats. Perfect for dogs big, small, and every size in between, CBD dog treats can be a great way to support a healthy lifestyle for your pet. They’re fortified with flaxseed, superfoods like blueberry and pumpkin, and are infused with broad spectrum CBD.

Use your CBD treats as training rewards or as a little snack to make your dog’s day with a morsel that’s not only good for them but is super tasty too! With flavors like sweet potato blueberry, pumpkin spice, and peanut butter green apple, your dog won’t say no when you offer him these CBD treats.


CBD Soft Chews for Dogs

CBD soft chews come in the same great flavors as Pet Hemp Co’s hard dog treats but are formulated for dogs with sensitive teeth or difficulty chewing harder foods. Soft chews are easier on the elderly dog’s teeth and break apart effortlessly for small puppies. Of course, your dog doesn’t need to have dental issues to enjoy these soft treats! All dogs love a tasty snack now and then. The best part is, every treat can help improve your dog’s mobility, wellness, and mood!

dog getting soft chew


CBD Cat Treats

Pet Hemp Co’s delicious CBD salmon treats entice any cat’s senses with the smell of fragrant fish, beckoning the interest of even the most finicky cat. These CBD treats are hard and crunchy, helping to improve the health of your cat’s dental hygiene and reducing tartar buildup. These broad spectrum CBD oil-infused treats can help regulate your cat’s natural homeostasis and supplement a well-balanced diet.


CBD Calming Chews for Cats

Improving your pet’s health is important, so why not give your pet something that will be good for them both inside and out? CBD Calming Soft Chews for cats are the ideal treat for cats with sensitive or smaller teeth — and, of course, for those that need help relaxing!

These treats are easy to chew and digest, making them one of the hottest products on the CBD market this Black Friday. Even a single treat can improve your cat’s mood and soothe stressful symptoms with the power of broad spectrum CBD and beneficial ingredients like valerian root, L-tryptophan, and taurine.


CBD Capsules for Dogs & Cats

Easy, pre-measured dosing makes measuring your pet’s dose as easy as C-B-D! CBD capsules come in 5, 10, 20, 40, and 100mg doses, so you can always find the right amount for your pet’s daily CBD needs. Capsules can be hidden in your pet’s food or broken in half, and sprinkled on top makes administering a breeze, too. Digestible CBD means longer-lasting effects, which gives extra help with staying calm through those long car rides and nightlong thunderstorms.


CBD Shampoo for Dogs

The closer we get to the holiday season, the colder and drier the air becomes. Dry air means dry skin, and that means our dogs may find themselves scratching more, leaving the skin red and irritated. Soothe skin irritation with CBD dog shampoo, give their coat a moisturizing mandarin berry scented bath, and refresh their coat for holiday celebrations. CBD extract and nourishing ingredients strengthen hair durability and bring skin back to good health to quit the itching and start enjoying quality time with the family.


CBD Oil for Horses

Organically extracted premium CBD oil tincture is all you need to improve your horse’s overall health and mood! A few drops of CBD oil under your horse’s tongue a day can support their all-important joint mobility and help ease the recovery process from injuries. Dropping CBD oils under the tongue allows for near-instant effects, but you can also add CBD oil to your horse’s water or food for equally fast effects. From miniature to draft-sized horses, breeds of all sizes can benefit from the power of holistic CBD oil.



CBD Pellets for Horses

Sometimes we don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done, and that might mean skipping your horse’s daily dose of CBD. Avoid doing this yourself by letting your horse do it for you! Just measure their dose and leave it out for them to eat. That’s it. A pound of HolistaPet’s CBD pellets can last over a month-long, saving you money in the long run. With our deals, these helpful feed pellets will last you twice as long!

Supplemented with extra protein and fiber, CBD horse pellets can be an added boost to your pet’s diet in addition to being a relief from everyday aches, nerves, and stomach upset.


CBD Catnip Spray

Frisky felines who love catnip will love CBD catnip spray. Nano-sized CBD particles blend with the intoxicating power of catnip for a fast and convenient spray you can apply to your cat’s toys, bed, or scratching post! Sprayed CBD will affect your cat instantly to put them in a better mood.

Use as an encouraging stimulant for activity and exercise or as a training tool. Relieve nervousness and discomfort with just a few sprays and watch your cat mellow out in seconds.

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