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Cat Growling Why Your Pet Is Angry And How To Calm Them!

Cat Growling: Why Your Pet Is Angry And How To Calm Them!

    Your cat might be in severe pain if it continuously growls. However, keep in mind that when cats are in a bad mood, it’s no surprise they would growl, too. When your cat growls, don’t panic. Instead, try to find out the reason why it is growling. Finding out why your cat is

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How Much Do Cats Sleep (1)

How Much Do Cats Sleep

  If you are a cat parent, then you must have noticed their apparent fondness for sleeping. I would often find my cat in the corners, sleeping. But is this something we should worry about? Or is it completely normal? This article will explore all there is to know about catnaps, as well as some

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cats with down syndrome

Cats With Down Syndrome

    Cat owners usually provide their feline friends with the same care they would show to their own family. It’s no surprise then that they would want to seek answers when their cats show “unique” physical characteristics and behaviors.   Although these traits would normally pass under the radar of most cat owners, a

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Moving With A Cat

Cats are one of the most territorial pets you can have. They are well-known for their resistance to new routines as they love to stay in a familiar environment. However, every once in a while, it’s time to move households, and our feline friends must come with us. Moving with a cat can be stressful,

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Why Do Cats Hiss?

Why Do Cats Hiss

    A cat’s hiss sounds close to that of a snake’s or an overloading radiator. When they make this sound, their usually serene face shifts into an open-mouthed sneer. Their ears flatten, their spine arches to the point where furs on their back stand and their tail puff out. We know cats to be these

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