Best Ways To Care For A Dog With An Amputated Leg

Best Ways To Care For A Dog With An Amputated Leg

PHC LLCMay 14, '19

You may have to make hard decisions for your pet at times, to ensure a good quality of life ahead of him or her. In the unfortunate case your dog needs surgery or even an amputation of one of their legs to save them from cancer we want to give you some tips on how to ensure the best recovery for your dog. Here are a few organic remedies for your dog.

Best Ways to Cure an Amputated Dog

  • Pain relief: Some doctors might give dogs medicines for pain relief from surgery. These medications can have adverse effects on your animal. CBD and hemp oil in the form of treats, tinctures, or capsules are great was to relieve the pain without putting strain on their delicate stomaches.
  • Change the bandages frequently: After the operation, doctors recommend changing the bandages frequently and keeping the surgical areas clean.
  • Keep the dogs from licking the area: Dogs often have this urge to lick the bandaged area as it might be irritating them. It is, therefore, recommended to make them wear a cone or even loose boxers and pad them up.
  • Help them walk and exercise: Sometimes we don’t realize that our pets are much stronger than we think. They just need encouragement from us to get the blood flowing. Though sleep is good, exercise is also important to keep their circulation working. If you do not know where to begin contact your veterinarian clinic and ask for tips on adaptation to a life with only three legs.
  • Check for any infection: If you find any infection in or around the area of the incision, you will want to clean the area. There are also a number CBD oil and other relaxants to help the dogs heal.
  • Don’t miss out on checkups: The doctors will recommend regular checkups which you should schedule regularly. This will be essential in learning if the surgical area is healing correctly.

I'm sure your dogs mean the world to you but by following theses steps will ensure your furry friends gets back on their feet.