Pet Health

Why Is My Dog Limping?

PHC LLCJun 15, '20

Why Is My Dog Limping? Introduction It is almost always a cause for concern for any dog lover to see their pet limping for whatever reason. When you see this happening, all kinds of thoughts come into mind, including some really grim ones.  This article will take a look at...

Hemp Oil For Dogs With Hip Dysplasia

PHC LLCFeb 24, '20

Hemp Oil For Dogs With Hip Dysplasia Like humans, dogs also get to experience several health issues throughout their lives – some temporary and others permanent. In dogs, however, you must be extra careful when it comes to taking care of your dogs since they don’t always let you know...

Hemp Oil For Dogs Elbow Dysplasia

PHC LLCFeb 17, '20

Hemp Oil For Dogs Elbow Dysplasia You may have noticed your dog walk in a peculiar way and not known that the dog was suffering from elbow dysplasia.   Elbow dysplasia (ED) is a common ailment in dogs in young, and large to giant breed dogs, like Bernese Mountain dogs, Golden...

How To Treat Digestive Issues in Dogs

PHC LLCSep 24, '19

There are so many fun perks to having a dog. One perk is seeing how happy they are whenever you give them their favorite food for dinner and when you give them tasty treats every once in a while. But digestive issues in dogs do exist, so dog owners should...

Best Ways To Care For A Dog With An Amputated Leg

PHC LLCMay 14, '19

You may have to make hard decisions for your pet at times, to ensure a good quality of life ahead of him or her. In the unfortunate case your dog needs surgery or even an amputation of one of their legs to save them from cancer we want to give you some tips on how...

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