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Aging and Wellness For Dogs and Cats

bala anandaOct 14, '20

Aging and Wellness in Cats and Dogs Cats and dogs age differently compared to humans. They have shorter life spans so they age faster. They also exhibit signs of aging quite differently.   Unlike with people, we won’t be able to see visible wrinkles and fine lines on pets’ faces....

Dog Home Remedies For Fleas

PHC LLCAug 12, '20

Dog Home Remedies For Fleas Worrying about fleas on dogs? Fleas can be a huge problem for dog owners as they can go everywhere and often bite humans if given the chance. This is why as soon as the flea season starts – or as soon you note your pet...

Hemp Oil For Dogs With Hair loss

PHC LLCJun 8, '20

Hemp Oil For Dogs With Hair loss You thought you knew everything about caring for dogs until your pet starts developing bald spots or, worse, loses too much hair. This makes you ask – is it common for dogs to experience hair loss? When should you start worrying, and how...

Home Remedies For Dog Anxiety

PHC LLCMay 18, '20

Home Remedies For Dog Anxiety Do you often come home to find your dog has chewed on the furniture and made a mess of things? Does your dog make howling noises and bark excessively the minute you step out of the house? You may be dealing with dog anxiety and...

Home Remedies For Dog Pain

PHC LLCMay 11, '20

Home Remedies For Dog Pain Will you let your dog suffer in silence? Its whimpers and its shivers could be signs of inflammation or arthritis. Do your pet’s hushed whines break your heart? More often than not, even dedicated pet owners, like yourself, may miss the subtle signs of dog...