Home Remedies For Dog Diarrhea

Home Remedies For Dog Diarrhea

Is your dog exhibiting signs of diarrhea? Diarrhea in dogs is generally not a cause for alarm for pet owners, especially if you own an adult dog as opposed to a puppy. Regardless of your dog’s age however, here’s what you need to know about this condition.

What Is Dog Diarrhea?

Dog diarrhea is more than just watery stool. In dogs, it can be exhibited through frequent straining, frequent need to go out, and really soft stools. Some dogs will have a streak along their behind indicating a watery poop. As a dog owner, you should have a fairly good idea of your dog’s toilet needs. Compare the normal situation with the one you have today, and diagnosing diarrhea should be easy.

Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

We often think that diarrhea is caused by a bad diet. Maybe your dog ate something spoiled or maybe you recently changed their diet. However, there are actually non-food reasons why a dog can have this problem:


When was the last time you dewormed your pet? Ideally, deworming should be done once every three months for adult dogs. The presence of these parasites can upset your dog’s stomach and lead to diarrhea. If it’s been more than 4 months since you introduced deworming medicine, bring your dog to the vet to have this done immediately.

Bacterial Infection and a Viral Infection

Diarrhea could also be a symptom of an underlying health problem. If the diarrhea lasts for a few days and is accompanied by nausea, lack of appetite, and lethargy, you’ll want to bring the dog to the vet for medicine.

Side Effect of Certain Medications

It’s possible that the medication itself is the one causing the diarrhea. If you’re introducing new medicine in his diet, call your vet for a consult. It’s possible for them to change the medication in order to prevent side effects.

Stress and Anxiety

Dogs are remarkably sensitive to a changing environment. In fact, they’re much attuned to their owners. If your dog’s lethargy and diarrhea occurred at the same time as any problems you might have, chances are this is the reason for the problem. Other possible causes of anxiety can also include loud noises, new dogs, a new house, or basically anything they’re not familiar with.

Symptoms of Dog Diarrhea

Aside from the fact that your dog needs to go outside multiple times a day, here are other signs of diarrhea that you’ll need to watch out for:

  • Diarrhea accompanied by lethargy in the dog
  • The diarrhea comes with streaks of blood or mucus or is dark in color
  • The dog passes gas
  • The pet vomits or starts to lose weight
  • He goes to the potty more than five times in a day
  • He seems to strain while going potty
  • He seems to take longer to potty than before.

Diarrhea that lasts for more than 48 hours needs to be treated by the vet, regardless of how energetic the dog may be. For certain symptoms, like blood in the stool, it’s best to involve a vet as early as possible.

Home Remedies for Dog Diarrhea

Once diarrhea hits, here are some things you should do:

Introduce Lots of Liquid

The main reason to fear diarrhea is the dehydration it can cause the dog. Make sure your dog drinks lots of water during this time. Now, some dogs will not willingly drink the water so try adding some flavor in there. Beef broth, chicken broth, or even rice water will encourage him to drink because of the flavor. You can also use a syringe with the needle removed to introduce water to his system even if he doesn’t like it.

Give Him Yogurt

Yogurt is a source of good bacteria, which help restore the balance in your dog’s digestive system. It’s only one of the few possible sources, but it’s one that your dog will definitely eat without question.

Keep His Food Bland and Few

Stop feeding him his regular fare and instead switch to something with a little less flavor. Offer him a combination of rice and boiled chicken to encourage food. Note though that this should be offered in small amounts so as not to shock his digestive system. You also want to make sure that he won’t vomit the food later on if he eats too much.

CBD Oil or Treats

Pet Hemp Company offers high quality CBD oil dog treats that can enhance your furry friend’s digestive system. CBD minimizes dogs loose stool by keeping your pooch calm and keeping its anxiety levels low.

Home Remedies to Prevent Dog Diarrhea

Preventing diarrhea is easier than treating the problem once it occurs. Here are some techniques to help minimize the occurrence of diarrhea in your dog:

Deworm Often

As mentioned, you need to do this once every three months. Be vigilant and always record the date you dewormed the dog.

Constantly Introduce Good Bacteria

Do not wait for diarrhea to hit before introducing good bacteria in your dog’s diet. Offer them plain yogurt on a routine basis. You’ll find that they actually love it!

Be Wary of New Food

If you’re going to switch your dog’s diet, at least do it slowly. You don’t know how the dog will react to a new brand so try to mix the new food in with the old and observe how your dog reacts to the new taste. Slowly increase the amount of new food so there’s time for his digestive system to adjust.

Limit Human Food

No matter how much they beg, human food should not be given to dogs. Do not offer them anything that’s heavily spiced as this can cause an upset stomach. By extension, make sure your dog has been trained NOT to eat or chew on anything on the ground. While they’re dogs and prone to exploring the world with their mouth, proper training can at least limit the chances of this happening. Be vigilant, especially if you’re outdoors.


The methods mentioned above are ideal for adult dogs who have had all their shots. Often, the diarrhea will only last for a day or two and your dog will go back to his usual happy self. If it continues, however, do not hesitate to bring your dog to the vet for a more targeted treatment approach. Understand that diarrhea could be a symptom of a worse condition so in bad cases, treating it at home may not be the best approach.

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