Why Is My Dog Restless and Panting


Why is My Dog Restless and Panting?

Did you ever notice how dogs stick their tongues out most of the time, especially after doing some activities and playtime? You might be surprised that there are some scientific reasons behind this peculiar behavior of our beloved fur babies. However, their tongues sticking out are not the only peculiar behavior noticeable from dogs; it is also mostly accompanied by panting.


Believe it or not, these are not mannerisms but attempts to cool down their bodies. So, the next time you see them panting and all, know that they are trying to regulate their body temperature.



Why Do Dogs Pant?

Studies show that dogs pant so that the moisture on their tongue evaporates, and what that happens, the blood cools down, and so does the rest of their body.



Why is My Dog Panting and Restless?

Although panting is normal in dogs, an owner must start keeping an eye on their dogs when they show signs of restlessness. When dogs keep moving around, panting heavily, whining, it might be time to visit the local vet. 



What to Do if Your Dog is Panting and Restless?

Keep observing your dogs if they are restless and panting non-stop. Try to give them water if the climate is hot, but if it is not, you should call the vet right away to have them checked by a professional. 



Why is My Dog Panting All Night?

Dogs are naturally clingy to their owners, and they always want to be beside them even when it is bedtime. Given that fact, being away from them can cause anxiety and fear that will make them pant all night.



What is Normal Panting?

The normal panting of dogs varies from one dog to another. What seems to be normal to one may be abnormal to some. Although with physical exertion such as playtime or during a walk heavy breathing is normal. As responsible dog owners, we must have a deeper understanding of how our pets operate and determine when they are not acting normally.



What is Abnormal Panting?

When other signs and symptoms accompany panting, that’s the time an owner should be worried. Quick-paced and heavy panting with whimpers will tell you that they are not okay.


Reasons that Cause Abnormal Panting and Restless


Too much heat can cause heatstroke among dogs if they don’t manage to cool off fast enough. This requires immediate care as this can lead to serious issues if not managed quickly.



Just like humans, allergic reactions can constrict the throat of dogs resulting in difficulty in breathing. When this happens, their panting will sound different. Same with food poisoning, when bad effects appear in their breathing patterns, you must take them to the animal hospital right away.


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Pain from Injury

Dogs can’t speak, so they tend to hide it or show it in their little ways when they are in pain. A simple behavior change can tell you that they are uncomfortable and in pain so, be very observant. Here are some helpful tips if you believe your pet is in pain


Side Effects of Medicine

Certain medicines can cause dogs to pant heavily. If your vet did not warn you about such side effects, you should call the clinic right away to encourage your dog not to experience bad adverse effects.



7 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Panting and Restless


Heart Disease

Constant panting, fatigue, coughing up blood, and bluish gums are symptoms of heart diseases in dogs. Management of certain heart ailments is possible, but this is a concerning condition for any dog owner. 


Respiratory Disease

Problems in the respiratory system of dogs mostly show difficulty in breathing, and in turn, it will also show in the way they are panting. Their nose can also be stuffy, and they will seem to get tired so easily.


Anxiety and Fear

Panting rapidly, being restless, and the inability to rest are telltale signs that your dogs are anxious and stressed out. Try to comfort them and see if they will calm down. Otherwise, get help from your vet.


Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Aging dogs are prone to this condition, and they usually show symptoms such as restlessness, loss of appetite, uncooperativeness, etc. Have them checked for this condition, especially if your dogs are getting old.



Panting helps supply oxygen that they lack in their blood, so they tend to do it more when anemic.


Cushing’s Disease

It is a condition wherein the adrenal glands of dogs produce more stress hormones called cortisol, and when dogs are stressed, they normally pant more rapidly and be restless.


Acute or Chronic Pain

Shallow breathing and heavy panting can be signs of pain. Watch your dogs closely, especially when they seem to be very uncomfortable and restless as well.



How to Treat Dog Panting and Restless

The best treatment for restless and abnormally panting dogs is to address the very root of the problem. More often than not, these behaviors have underlying causes, so correct management of these problems will be the most beneficial to our beloved dogs. If your dog is panting and restless it could be helpful to talk to your vet.



Natural Home Remedies for Panting in Dogs

  • For anxious, stressed, and frightened dogs, try comforting them or give them CBD calming treats.
  • Always give them fresh cold water when the climate is hot and after being active.
  • Always inspect their bodies for possible injuries, especially after accidents.



Final Thoughts

Dogs are loving, and if you're lucky, caring creatures, and they deserve to be loved and cared for just as much. Their inability to communicate with us through language makes it difficult for owners to tell if they are not feeling good. But despite that, we can always familiarize ourselves with their behaviors and eventually learn how to effectively tend to all their needs. 





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