Puppy Feeding Chart


Ever wonder how much food you should give your puppy? Puppies are munching machines, and they rarely stop — even when they're full. Instead, they may eat for as long as the food is there, making them gorge themselves until they puke the food out. It is your duty, as a responsible dog owner, to make sure that your little (or big) feline friend gets just enough food.


Not too much, but not too little. The amount of food to give your dog depends on several factors, like the dog, the food itself, and how often you feed the pup. 



Feeding Your Puppy

Puppies should be at least six weeks old before you start feeding them puppy food. At this time, they've had their first shot and would be weaned from the mother, making them more open to eating actual food. Note that food is connected to your dog's house training, so make sure you schedule the meals appropriately. Schedule restroom breaks an hour or so after meals.



How Much Food Should I Give My Puppy?

The amount you give depends on the weight of the puppy and the dog food itself. Take a peek at the back of your dog food label to figure out how much should be served. A puppy at six weeks old should be given ½ to 1 cup of puppy food as a rule. Note though, the amount per serving listed is just a standard if your dog food brand doesn't have a guideline. If it does, it's best to follow that.



How Often Should I Feed My Puppy

Puppies need food more often than adults. Offer them at least 5 meals, spaced 4 or 5 hours apart. Like most newborns, it's not uncommon that you'll need to tend to your puppy sometime in the middle of the night.



Is it Worth It to Buy Expensive Puppy Food?

Your dog deserves the best, but the best doesn't always mean the most expensive. If the label is appropriate for your dog's life stage and it states "complete and balanced nutrition", then that's already a good choice regardless of the price.





Dry Food, Wet Food, or Both?

Deciding on dry, wet or both consistencies of dog food can be tricky. Either would do, as long as the food is labeled specifically for puppies at 6 weeks of age. Usually, however, it's best to choose one and stick to it. If you plan to feed him dry dog food, then do so. If the puppy is still having a hard time chewing, you can try setting the food in some water so that it softens. Later on, start to give them the dry dog food as the crunch actually helps with their teeth. This lowers instances of chewing and slows down the eating process, so there's no chance of the pup vomiting.


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Food for Big Puppies & Little Puppies

The primary difference in types of food depends on the weight of the puppy. As long as you keep track of the pup's weight, you should be able to figure out exactly how much to serve. Also, note that high-energy breeds might require more calories.


Chart Your Puppy's Weight and Growth

Your vet would keep a chart of the puppy's weight and growth, but so should you. The weight should steadily increase, depending on the end-size and weight of the breed.



My Puppy Is Begging! Should I Feed Him People Food or Table Scraps?

No! You don't want to get him used to getting food from you right off the table. If you must give him human food, make sure to only give him only food that's appropriate for canines, like chicken meat. Avoid giving people food as the human diet is too fatty for dogs.





Puppy Feeding Tidbits

Some dogs can be picky eaters, but never let them be in charge of their own diet. If the pup refuses to eat, try to give them some exercise to expel some energy instead of immediately giving them the food they like such as beef or chicken. Dogs love routines so always feed him at the same time and the same place. Put his food and water bowl somewhere he has quick access.



Can Puppies Eat Adult Dog Food?

Don't give puppies adult dog food since the nutritional requirements of dogs vary depending on their life stage. Always choose the appropriate dog food for their age.


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How to Switch from Puppy Food to Adult Food?

Continue to feed puppy food until your pet is around one year of age. Switch by slowly integrating the adult dog food in the puppy food. For example, if you're feeding your pup 2 cups per day, start mixing 50 percent adult dog food and 50 percent puppy food.



Puppy Feeding Advice

Puppies are very food motivated so if you want to train them, this is the best time to start. Have them sit or shake their paw before giving them their regular meal. This makes it far easier to train them later on, and it helps reinforce discipline.





A Healthy Dog Is a Happy Dog

The wellness of your dog starts with their diet, your choice of product, the timing, and the amount of food you serve. Though this is just one vital part in keeping your pup healthy. Make sure to give your pooch lots of exercise, their shots are complete, and use the best shampoo for grooming. These factors, paired with a healthy diet, directly determine the life your pet will lead.


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