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Saint Bernard Dog Breed Temperament and Personality

Saint Bernard Dog Breed: Temperament and Personality

    Overview Saint Bernards are among the most popular breeds of mainstream media today. It’s hard not to be impressed by their enormous size, thick fur coat, and friendly attitude. Originating from the snowy ice caps of Switzerland, Saint Bernards were bred specifically for covert search and rescue operations in the most frigid conditions.

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Cat Growling Why Your Pet Is Angry And How To Calm Them!

Cat Growling: Why Your Pet Is Angry And How To Calm Them!

    Your cat might be in severe pain if it continuously growls. However, keep in mind that when cats are in a bad mood, it’s no surprise they would growl, too. When your cat growls, don’t panic. Instead, try to find out the reason why it is growling. Finding out why your cat is

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Metacam for Dogs

Metacam For Dogs: Side Effects, Dosage & Alternatives

Metacam is a brand name for meloxicam. It is one of the most popular currently prescribed medications to date. Vets prescribe Metacam for dogs with discomfort and swelling related to joint conditions, muscle disorders, or recovering from surgery. Chronic discomfort doesn’t only damage your dog’s body. It takes a toll on their mental health as well.

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Whippet Dog Breed Temperament & Personality

    Quick Overview Meet the Whippet: the dog breed famous for its speed and playfulness. Seen as a close twin to the Greyhounds, Whippets excel in agility courses and flyball. Smart as they are, they are also loving companions who are a quiet and friendly addition to your household. Doesn’t “whippet” make you want

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Bolognese Temperament & Personality

    Cute, friendly, and curly? Yes, that’s the Bolognese! Don’t be fooled with these fluffy ones. They might be tiny, but they are fun-loving and incredibly witty. Some breeders even think of them as one of the most intelligent dogs.   “Bolos,” as what many people call them, are great companion dogs and prefer

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When Is A Dog Fully Grown

When Is A Dog Fully Grown?

    Watching your dog grow up can be an emotional experience. And at some point, pet parents often will find themselves wondering where all the time went while looking back on the puppy years with nostalgia. All of this is part of the joy that comes with the experience of being a pet owner

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Cane Corso Temperament & Personality

    Few dogs are as visually striking as the Cane Corso (if your Italian is a bit rusty, that’s “KAH-nay KOR-so”). The first thing you’ll notice about the Cane Corso dog breed is that it’s absolutely ripped. Bred for hard work, these dogs excel at hunting, herding, and guarding the home. They also have

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American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier Dog Breed [Full Guide]

    An American Staffordshire Terrier makes for a loving companion, fantastic friend, and valued family member. They’re also intellectuals, athletes, and hard workers. With their courageous, brave, loving personalities, this amazing breed doesn’t lack any character at all!   With all these wonderful characteristics, why aren’t American Staffordshire Terrier more popular? As it turns

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What Do Flea Eggs Look Like

What Do Flea Eggs Look Like?

Introduction Fleas are tiny critters — most of the time no more than an eighth of an inch long, but they pose a great problem to our furry friends, and sometimes, even to their human owners. A significant part of the pet wellness industry centers around flea problems — either treating or preventing them. Fleas

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Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Breed: Temperament & Personality

Quick Overview Who would imagine that a dog that owns the title of “lion hunter” could be a sweet and gentle dog? The Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breed originated from Africa and is known to be an energetic and outgoing watchdog. Renowned for its hunting skills, this breed was not recommended to be kept at home

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